Professional Identity

P.I 1: School counselors have a uniform identity and serve as a resource for students, staff, and communities.

P.I. 2: Teachers, administrators, families/caregivers, legislators, and other stakeholders will have an understanding that:

  • P.I.2A: The appropriate role as defined by the ASCA National Model of a school counselor impacts student achievement

  • P.I.2B: :The recommended student to counselor ratio (250:1) promotes equity, access, and success for every student

  • P.I.2C: School counselors are leaders in education and experts in promoting social-emotional learning, academic achievement, and career awareness.

Professional Knowledge

P.K. 1: All Oklahoma School Counselors and stakeholders will have awareness, understanding, and support for the school counseling profession including:

  • P.K.1A: The ASCA National Model

  • P.K.1B: The Oklahoma School Counselor Framework

  • P.K 1C:The ASCA Code of Ethics for School Counselors

P.K.2: Oklahoma School counselors are highly trained professionals who regularly seek and benefit from professional development that reflects and responds to contemporary issues.

P.K.3: Oklahoma School Counselor Education programs will provide knowledge about developing a comprehensive, equitable, data-driven program that is dedicated to every student’s success.

Professional Mission

P.M.1: All Oklahoma School Counselors will strive toward the development of data-driven, comprehensive school counseling programs.

P.M.2: All Oklahoma School Counselors will be transformational leaders dedicated to advocacy, equity, and evoking systemic changes that positively impact student outcomes.



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