Membership Benefits

We advocated in 2014-2015 for a membership fee that aligns with Oklahoma school counselor salaries.  

For $25.00/year, members receive:

1.  Discounts on quality professional development that brings national leaders in school counseling to Oklahoma at our Fall conference.

2.  Professional development on the TLE and ASCA model through our annual school counselor institute.  This is free for members of OSCA.

3.  An opportunity to participate in the annual School Counselor of the Year event.

4.  An opportunity to be recognized with achieving an OSCAR.

5.  A quality, professional newsletter

6.  Communication regarding innovations in the school counseling field

7.  Collaboration with the Oklahoma State Department of Education

8.  Training through ASCA since OSCA is the only state-chartered ASCA organization in Oklahoma.

9.  Pride in the knowledge that your membership fees support a scholarship for a graduate student in school counseling.  

10. Leadership that is informed through involvement with ASCA.

11, An opportunity to apply for an "Emerging Leader Grant" that supports participation in the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) conference (up to $1,000).

12. An opportunity to apply for the "RAMP Scholarship" which supports Oklahoma School Counselors achieve the recognition of running an ASCA RAMP school counseling program ($400.00 dollars will be paid to ASCA on the recipients behalf).

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