OSCA Statement on the Oklahoma Educator Walkout

March 8, 2018

Dear OSCA Members,

Oklahoma’s Public Education system seems to be reaching a breaking point due to chronic under-funding and a lack of consensus in our legislature.  The Oklahoma School Counselor Association (OSCA) seeks to improve teaching and learning conditions for all those working and learning in Oklahoma Public Schools.  We challenge our state legislature to find the courage and wisdom to put the children of Oklahoma and the professional educators who are dedicated to their success ahead of party politics.

We stand with our fellow educators should a teacher walk-out and/or district shut-downs occur.  The Oklahoma School Counselor Association (OSCA) and School Counselors across Oklahoma share common goals with the leadership of those agencies and schools who advocate for decisive and drastic actions to improve education in our state.  OSCA recommends that school counselors consult with their districts’ leadership and identify strategies to mitigate the impact of closure on students in our communities.  Counselors have strong relationships with local groups and agencies who can help support students throughout this process.  Together, we should lead with character and boldly face difficulties in a professional, reasonable and compassionate manner.


OSCA Board of Directors

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